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meet syd hall
Original Concept / Executive Producer / Talk Show Host 

The female component in 'Ray and Syd'.

The one with the beauty and the brains.

(Ray can still have the brawn!)

The one who's hellbent on getting the joke.

ABOUT syd hall

Sydney Hall is a true success story and the embodiment of the American Dream.

Born into hopeless poverty in The Philippines, her birth mother lived on a roadside in a cardboard box.

Still an infant, Sydney was adopted by Americans Ron and Linda Hall and was spared a dismal future that the dangerous streets of Manila could all but guarantee.


Hall understood, from a very young age, how fortunate she was.

Grade school had nonetheless presented her with another daunting challenge, as Sydney was diagnosed with severe dyslexia, which all but crippled her ability to read.

Standing out as one of the very few non-Caucasian children in her Utah classroom, Sydney was subject to teasing and cruel name-calling, which exacerbated her anxiety and reluctance to participate in lessons.


Undeterred, Sydney dug in and eventually defeated her reading disability.

She went on to excel in both soccer and gymnastics, advancing to Elite/ODP/Olympic level competition.

When her athletic career came to a close, Sydney became Artistic Director/Choreographer for million-selling recording artists on Universal, Disney and Sony/Epic Records, as well as the NBA’s Utah Jazz dancers.  

As Sydney has found herself as a single mother, with moments to struggle or to find the opportunities to reinvent herself; she raises two kind hearted and loving girls who encourage her to better herself daily, as a person, and as a mother. Sydney has been required to dig her heels in, in-order to provide the necessities.    

Hall once again persevered, establishing Sydfemmelle, an all-female design and construction company.  


Sydney has shared her stories of personal courage, inspiration and prosperity at events for corporate titans such as IBM, Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney and E-commerce.

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