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Ray Powers

His Point Of View

What is Dare to Be Better With Ray And Syd?

So, first, let me dispel all of the rumors that I'm a highly respected psychologist with a PhD from Harvard. I know that's the first thing you assumed when you got a good look at me and spoke to me at length! 

The truth is that when Syd first pitched this idea to me, I paused. Who am I to be giving advice to anyone? I'm not qualified to guide people. I don't want to be responsible for the outcome of so-and-so's week, after this individual had been seeking professional counseling. The talented and ambitious Ms. Hall assured me that this wasn't some knockoff version of Dr. Phil. We're (as she so eloquently puts it) just two 'old dogs' sharing our experiences.

 Oh. Yeah. I find myself doing that all the time! If I was collecting an hourly fee for all of the bar stool wisdom I've imparted over the years, I'd be drinking that designer coffee in the morning! (This is where I'd be telling Syd that, yes, that was a joke...only this time, even I didn't quite get it!)  

I've worked as a personal trainer, an athletic coach, a youth counselor and I'm a father (in reverse order of importance). Turns out that I've been guiding people my entire life. You know what they say about not realizing the impact you're making as you're living life? Nothing rings truer. 

Teaming up with Syd on this juggernaut made all the sense in the world. We've got a ton in common. We're the same age, so we both make and understand the same cultural references. We enjoy the same music, we both went far in our respective athletic sports (fitness is a mutual  priority) and even share very similar parenting styles. It's part of the upbringing of our time. We're also diverse enough to learn from each other. I talk to Syd every day, and I'm always learning something new about her. We respect one another. We give each other a hard time (we share a viciously twisted sense of humor).  We're always laughing, I know we haven't figured out the meaning of life, but as we forge ahead, we're having a great time comparing notes and sharing those experiences with you.     

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